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Audio TechnicaHighly regarded instrument microphones.
L.R. BaggsTheir "Ribbon" pickup is the "under-the-saddle" centerpiece of their acoustic guitar amplification lineup. Add a microphone with its own volume control and you have the "Dual Source". Very clear, and forgiving at the same time. Fine preamps also available.
Joe Barden PickupsHandmade pickups designed with the inspiration of guitar legend Danny Gatton.
EMGHigh quality active pickup systems.
Fishman TransducersThe Fishman "Matrix" may well be the most transparent under the saddle pickup on the market. Those with a discerning ear will find little lost when the guitar is not plugged in ( a fear among many who don't want anything under their saddle). A number of fine pre amps also. A toss up in my opinion with Baggs.
Lindy FralinPickups, Rewinding , Custom electronic services.
Highlander Music Audio ProductsVery cool under the saddle pickup requiring an installation by an experienced professional. Some swear by it.
Kinman Pickups"Vintage Fender tone without the dreaded hum" or something like that. A customer sought these pickups out and had me install them on both his guitars. He loves them , and I'll admit they sound real good.
McIntyre Acoustic PickupsExcellent "contact" pickups for Guitar , Banjo, Mandolin, Dobro.
Schematic HeavenAmp schematics and other resources
Seymor DuncanThe pickupmakers pickup maker.
Stewart MacdonaldA variety of quality products
Sunrise PickupsExcellent soundhole pickups. Ask Richard Thompson.
WD Music ProductsA variety of quality products.