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Hardware Parts Accessories
Guitar Wood and Kits

Guitar Hardware, Specialty Guitar Parts, Accessories CNC machines and specialty tools related to guitar building.
Bob Colosi- Ivory Guitar Parts Bob Colosi fabricates and sells high quality ivory and bone guitar nuts and saddles.
Axiom- Celluloid Pickguard Material Provider of high quality celluloid pickguard blank sheets.
All PartsThe name says it all. Quality repro parts etc.
Cumberland AcousticHandmade in the USA! Guitar, mandolin, mandola, and banjo parts. Many vintage reproduction and unique parts. Repro pickguards.
FenderInfo, specs for current models, see SmartParts for parts.
GibsonLots of Gibson stuff.
GuitarPartsAndMoreBone and Ivory saddle and nuts for Martin, Gibson, Taylor and more.
Luthiers MercantileHigh quality parts and tools.
Martin Co.Martin parts and accessories.
Parts Is PartsVintage and repro parts. Wide selection .
SagaLots of imported parts.
Just Strings Strings for every instrument.
Stewart MacdonaldWide selections of parts, and especially - tools for the luthier.
TapaString Their no drill "Vintage Jack" endpin strap helps avoid altering vintage guitars when adding a pickup.Other good products as well. Guild, Fender and a vast array of other parts. .
WD PartsWide selection of quality repro parts, every pickguard style, and more.