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    While a good guitar repairperson may be hard to find, we know they are out there. does not make endorsements of specific repairshops, but we are comfortable referring you directly to the database created by the CF Martin Co. of their factory authorized warranty repairpersons.
We feel that the Martin Company has made an effort to engage some of the best repair people in the world to handle their warranty repairs. Many, if not most of them, are skilled at repairs on both acoustic and electric guitars. We also believe that if you contact your local authorized Martin warranty person, and they can't undertake the repair you need, they will make a referral to someone who can.
So if you need a good guitar repairperson, click here to browse the CF Martin company's worldwide database,and find a guitar repairshop near you: FIND A GUITAR REPAIR SHOP has developed an extensive database of guitar repair shops. Use this site to serach for repair shops in your area. Here is a link :